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Acne scars

Acne scars are the depressions or pits left in your skin after your pimples go away.

Why do they occur?

When a pimple pops, there is a lot of underlying inflammation. As the skin desperately tries to heal in any way that it can, the collagen fibres that are meant to be arranged parallel to the skin surface, now orient perpendicular to it.

These collagen bands then contract, and voila! They’ve pulled the overlying skin down--> Acne scars!

How can we fix them?

Now to fix these acne scars, we need to work on these perpendicular collagen bands, which unfortunately are pretty deep down in our skin! Topical creams do not penetrate up to their level, so just using creams for acne scars will never fix them.

So the only way out is procedural treatments like

-chemical peels,

-TCA cross




-microneedling with PRP, or


Since these treatments actually penetrate till the dermis, break these collagen bands and help the skin heal in a regular, ordered fashion.

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