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Moles are raised, dark skin lesions that may be present at birth or may even develop later in life. They are usually benign and stay the same for years together. 

Moles turning cancerous is a rarity in Indian skin, but is still a possibility. 

When should you be worried?

-If new moles suddenly start to develop

-If an existing mole starts increasing in size

-If an existing mole becomes painful, bleeds or ulcerates

-If the borders of the mole are irregular and asymmetrical.

What should you do?

Consult our dermatologist. We evaluate moles using a specialized dermoscope, to look for any suspicious lesions. If the lesions look suspicious, we can remove them.

How are moles removed?

Depending on the individual case, we remove moles by either:


-Radiofrequency excision

-Surgical excision with a minimal scar (A simple procedure under local anesthesia)

We can then review the mole under a microscope to be a 100% sure of it being benign.

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