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Fungal infections

Fungal infections like ring worm are extremely common in our country owing to the hot, humid weather we face. 

To add to the existing problem, a lot of quacks prescribe the wrong medication, particularly combination creams containing steroids which worsen the infection and can damage the skin even further.

Always consult a qualified dermatologist for such infections even if it seems trivial. We offer optimum and scientific medical treatments for fungal infections to ensure complete recovery.

Some routine tips to follow along with your medications:

  1. Shower twice a day with lukewarm water

  2. Use mild soaps or cleansers. Do not use harsh antibacterial soaps, they might irritate your skin further

  3. Always wear loose, cotton clothes. Let your skin breathe. Avoid jeans, synthetic materials and tight fitting clothes

  4. Avoid sweating too much. Try to spend time in a cool, dry environment

  5. Wash your clothes in hot water

  6. Iron all your clothes including your undergarments

  7. Do not share clothes, towels, bedsheets or other garments with anyone, including your family members to avoid spreading it.

  8. If anyone in your family or at home has such an infection, ask them to get treated too.

  9. Complete your entire course of medication, even if the infection seems to have gone away.

  10. If you are diabetic or if your immunity may be low, do take treatment for the same.

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