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Eyebrow Reshaping

Eyebrows are the most defining part of your face. Thicker, fuller and well arched brows are a beauty standard, and you can very well have them if you so wish.

We use a combination of treatments to reshape your brows.

Drooping, sagging or flat brows- Microinjections of botox near your forehead and brows can give you that dream arch that everyone craves. Sometimes, hyaluronic acid filler injections can also be used to give you the ideal shape you are looking for.

Sparse eyebrow hair- Eyebrow microblading is a permanent make-up procedure that gives results that last between 9 months to 1 year. A fine microblading blade is used to insert a pigment into your eyebrow skin in fine strokes that mimic eyebrow hair (almost like tattooing) After about 9 months to a year, you may need a second sitting.

This is an absolute art-form, and making each stroke align with your natural hair direction and size is imperative. Dr. Tanvi Vaidya being an artist herself, prides herself on her microblading results.

Another option for sparse eyebrows is an eyebrow hair transplant. This gives permanent results that last a lifetime. Do ask our doctor for more details.

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