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The most famous fillers are lip fillers, popularly called a “lip job”. However there are many types of fillers, used for a variety of indications.

What are fillers?

Fillers are basically hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our bodies. Hyaluronic acid is found all over bodies, from our skin to our joints. We use it in dermatology to fill up lost volume, which occurs as part of the ageing process.

Why fillers?

When we age, we lose fat pads from our face, and these fat pads shrink and start to sag. Injecting fillers fills out the hollowness that develops due to ageing, and gives the face a full and youthful appearance.

Fillers are also used to fill out hollow eyes or dark circles, to liven up your eyes.

How soon can I see results?

The results with fillers are instantaneous, which makes them super satisfying to do. The hyaluronic acid hydrates a little more over the next few days, so the maximum effect is seen within 3-4 days.

Where can I get fillers?

This depends on your individual facial needs and can be decided on consultation our doctor. The common sites for fillers are:

-Under-eyes for dark circles and hollow eyes

-Cheeks to bring volume and definition to the face

-Chin for people with a small chin

-Jawline for a more defined and chiseled jawline

-Fuller lips

-Elevating the brow

-Filling out acne scars

-Providing hand, neck and décolletage rejuvenation

How long do effects last?

Effects last about 6 months.

Will I need to keep getting fillers if I get them done once?

Not at all. Fillers just fill out the hollowness temporarily, and get degraded after about 6 months. The overlying skin goes back to it’s usual self.

At this point, if you want, you can get another sitting, but you don’t HAVE to. A lot of people only do it before a major function like a wedding in the family, for that extra glow and youthful look.

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