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Dark lips

Why do some people have dark lips?

A variety of causes can cause you to have dark lips such as:

1) Genetics
2) Smoking
3) Lip licking
4) Dryness
5) Sun exposure
6) Dark or matte lipsticks
7) Pregnancy
8) Medical conditions like B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, medicine allergies, lichen planus.

How can you prevent it?

1) Stop licking your lips
2) Moisturise them well
3) Use lip balms containing SPF
4) Gentle exfoliation
5) Good quality cosmetics
6) Lighter, non-matte lipsticks
7) Pigment control ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice extracts, Vitamin C
8) Chemical peels
9) Q switched Nd:YAG laser
10) Permanent make-up for lips
11) Lip fillers- small volumes don’t change the shape but fill out the cracks in your skin, giving a lighter and fuller appearance to your lips.

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