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What is Ultrasound Cavitation?

Ultrasound cavitation is often considered as liposuction alternative. It’s another type of noninvasive body contouring method to reduce the appearance of fat on the body. In this method, ultrasonic waves transform your fat cells into fatty acids and then dispose it. However, ultrasound cavitation isn’t a “fat loss” procedure. With ultrasound fat cavitation, you’ll instead measure your success by how many inches you lose after treatment.

If you want a tighter, more toned look, this might be the right procedure for you.

Ideal Candidate for Ultrasound Cavitation:

This treatment won’t work if you are obese. Instead, you should have a specific area or areas of the body where you’re hoping to reduce the appearance of fat. The best way to know you’re a candidate for ultrasound fat cavitation is to book an appointment with us.

What to Expect From Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment

Ultrasound fat cavitation drains out your fat cells, rather than destroying them like liposuction does. The fat will almost always come back, but with fat cavitation, at least it won’t appear where you least expect it. To make your results last longer, you’ll need a good diet and plenty of regular exercise.

It’s important to keep in mind that nonsurgical fat reduction should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise. This will help you to maximize and maintain results.

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