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Skin tags

Skin tags are also called acrochordons, and smalled ones are called DPNs (Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra), so let’s just stick to calling them skin tags for now. They are painless, skin coloured or dark protrusions of the skin, usually on the neck, cheeks, eyelids or the underarms.

Why do they occur?

-Friction and hormonal factors (IGF-1) play a major role.

-They occur more commonly in:


-Older adults

-People who are over-weight

Should you be worried?

No! They are completely benign, and pose no threat to your health. If left alone they may stay as they are or may grow. You do not NEED to remove them, but you can very easily get rid of them if you WANT to.

I still want to get them off. How can I?

Unfortunately, no creams work on skin tags. They have to be physically or chemically removed by a dermatologist.

We offer treatments such as:


-Radiofrequency excision


-Surgical excision

These procedures are painless (We apply a numbing cream an hour prior to the procedure to make it painless. The entire procedure takes only about 15-20 minutes (and one hour for the numbing cream)

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